Menton, France

Ok, I have promised you guys two things lately, a video from Menton, and blog-posts in english! The video is in the bottom of this ENGLISH post. I really hope you like both! 

Wedged between Monaco and Italy lies a small hidden city called Menton. We belive this has to be the most romantic city in France, and that says a lot! We feel so lucky to have found and experienced this hidden little gem on the french riviera. Menton is a typical small french town with narrow streets and beautifully decorated buildings. But Menton also has something extra up it´s sleve! The old part of this town is simply unique and stunning! With its colourful buildings that is almost built on top of each other up in the steep mountain hills next to the ocean. The streets are so steep and narrow that I feel like a giant walking around in a medieval city. Hidden galleries and restaurants are blended with the locals living their relaxed lives in these strange little buildings. 

We like to belive that we have learned how to steer away from the “worst” tourist traps after all the traveling we have done the last year. This often takes us on long walks (sometimes dangerously hungry) before we find “the perfect” restaurant for us. In Menton this was easier than “normal,” just go where the locals sit, and order something french or Italian! Yes, Italian! A lot of the restaurants are Italian due to the proximity of the Italian border (You can actually see over to Italy). We got addicted to pizza with ruccola and red wine on this trip. We completely fell in love with Menton and we are now “carbed up” for several months I think. We also took a day-trip to Monaco, that is only 10 minutes and 2 euros away by train. A fun day in a perfect little city where everybody competes to get the most attention, flashing their fancy toys. Fun to watch for a day, but one day was also enough for me.

We where fortunate enough to be invited by our friend Tomas to his beautiful little family-hotel called Prince the Galles. He gave us a nice room with an ocean view (you either get ocean view or a beautiful view of a garden and the little city, win-win!). Location wise this hotel is perfectly placed by the ocean, close to it all but still quiet at night. The staff was fantastic and the rooms where nice and very clean. Did I mention the breakfast was simply magnificent? If you´re ever going to Menton (and you are, aren´t you?!), you should really check if Prince the Galles has an available room for you and your love. There is not many 4 star hotels in Menton, and no one with a better location than Prince the Galles, period. The fact that its almost only regulars in the hotel says it all. The link to the hotel is: I keep it here for both you and myself :) Next time we will go to Menton will be during the lemon festival at the end of february I think. See you there maybe?

Denice Hagen