SON SPA - weekend getaway

Last year we visited Son Spa and the idyllic artist village Son. This little city is 40 minutes from Oslo. The hotel is beautifully located right on the waterfront and only a five minute walk from idyllic Son. By the way, we ate a very delicious burger, too bad I did not remember the name of the restaurant ... Anyway, the 2,000 square meter spa department offers the latest trends in treatment and well-being - it's worth taking a trip if you are visiting Norway. Even though the relaxing atmosphere of the place and of core the Spa itself is the main reason of taking the trip, it is worth mentioning that their restaurant. It serves very good food, and we can definetly recommend it! Son has become a popular place for Norwegian artist. It has a lovely little marina and local galleries with high quality art in different generes. Next time you visit Oslo, consider living outside the city, or go for a weekend getaway. 


Son Spa was a nice weekend getaway,
we turned off the phones and left our computers at home.

Denice HagenSpa, Oslo, Norway