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I was born in a slum area in Bangkok and lived there with my beloved grandmother until I was 9. My father died when I was 6. In 2004 my mother brought me to Norway and I got the opportunity of a lifetime. Everything was possible in Norway! When I was 15 I convinced my crazy but fantastic step-father to start an online pet store with me, which turned out to be a good idea. At age 17 I started @interior123 which also turned out to be a good idea. When I was 20 I meet Viggo, my husband to be. I have had the opportunity to see both sides of life and I have learned a lot from it!


I have always had a passion for creating beautiful things. As head of design this always fuels me with energy and makes me go the ekstra mile. I believe I am what people often call; a perfectionist, at least when it comes to design. This is also the reason why I am the quality control on the house. Everything that is not great will not get passed me. I have built the worlds second largest Instagram account about interior design. That learned me a lot about how to engage and talk to people through social media. It has also given me the opportunity to put my work through the ultimate test several thousand times. I don't think many designers have had the opportunity to train their eye with the instant feedback from millions of people on a daily basis. This has really given me a huge advantage in the design world. 


Thank you for reading my story, and remember to set of time and be emotionally present with those who really matters. It really doesn't matter if you end up in a huge house, have nice cars and a lot of expensive things, if you have nobody to share it with. Always take care of those who really matters to you.

Xx Denice


Viggo Sundvold


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It all started on a stormy summer night in 1988…

I was born into a working class family in one of the richest countries in the world. Strong imagination, a passion for telling storys and the desire to do things differently has always been a part of my core personality. These personal traits created a very fun but also a bit of a frustrating childhood for me and the people around me. When I became older I started to feel more and more “different”. Even though everybody told me what I “had to do” I could not make myself believe in them. I felt that they were so afraid of “misbehaving” that they spent the vast majority of their time on things they hated to do, just because they were afraid of not being accepted in the society. I could not accept that I had to live my entire life like that.

The sentence that changed my life…

I remember I was very proud of my father when I was a little boy and I loved going to work with him during the holidays. That is why I will never forget the day he caught me bragging about “my father the truckdriver” and pulled me a side: “Always remember that you can never tell people what I do for a living, that is the great shame of our family”. His voice was dead serious and I could see the fear in his eyes. These words got stuck in my brain forever and made me feel really sorry and protective of my father. Even though he liked driving these big trucks and was well respected among his peers, the society made him feel very ashamed of what he was doing for a living. He later switched profession and gradually became very unhappy. It made me feel very ashamed of my family and I never brought my friends home anymore. Suddenly our home was not nice enough, our car was really old and I did not have the cool, expensive toys. I believe I got infected by the insecurity my parents felt. It made us isolate ourselves from the world, even from our closest family. We rearly visited anybody, and when we “had to”, it always turned into a really unpleasant time, with alcohol, arguments and anxiety. 

What I am good at…

As a teenager I escaped insecurity through sports. I was physically gifted and succeeded in individual sports like, running, orientering and cross country skiing. This required a lot of dedication, though workouts and a lot of time alone in the woods. Time to think about life... I later found a lot of joy in helping others achieve their goals, and became a personal trainer. Immediately I understood the secret behind salesmanship, sharing applicable knowledge and crate trust. I quickly worked my way up into management and started to study marketing. I fell in love with the strategies and psychology behind successful guerrilla marketing tactics and found social media to be the perfect underestimated tool I needed to succeed. I started doing pretty advanced “facebook dark post campaigns” in early 2014 with results that is just no longer possible with Facebook Ads. I believe there is no formal education that will completely prepare you for todays marketing world. It simply moves to quickly. My opinion is that you must understand human psychology and where people spend their time. Today it's internet and social media, tomorrow it will be something else, and we will be there before everybody else again!

What I belive in..

I believe in humans. If there is a God he is in all of us somewhere, not just  in the "holy men." I believe we got passions and dreams for a reason. If I can inspire people to listen to what their heart truly tries to tell them, and give them the confidence and knowledge to execute on their ideas, we will gradually change the world together! 

How is that? When you hire me and I help you grow your "Vegan food truck business" through the roof you need to hire more people. The only people you will hire is other people that also genuinely believes that "veganism" will both save the environment and cure most of the human deceases. They will quit their job at Mc Donald´s, because they do not believe in what that organisation is doing. They believe in the same as you do! You know the real reason why you started your company.. Who do you think they will work hardest for? The company that let them be an important part in changing the world, or the company that will pay them 2$ more and hour to destroy the world instead?  Money is just a necessary bi-product that will give you more freedom, pleasure and ability to do more good! Together we will talk about this to a lot of people that also believes in Veganism. People will listen to you because they share your dream. They will buy your products and ask for an opportunity to work for you because they want to support you from the bottom of their heart! Kind of like Martin Luther King and other great leaders people like to listen to, work for and became loyal to. The best thing about it all is that it is much more fun than sacrificing your own life for an other mans dream, that you do not believe in. Or worse, spending all your precious time acquiring  unimportant "stuff"  to show off to your neighbour. 

Do not worry, the "stuff" will come your way even though you drop the "best moneymaking idea" you have, and go for the idea that really motivate you instead. 

Keep faith in yourself and we will be changing the world for the better every day. We can do it together, as the great people of the world.

Thank you for reading my story!

Viggo Sundvold